Marketing plan brand case studies

You can use your brand, company, employer as an example to fill your playbook and final marketing plan and presentation.

What if you don’t have a brand you’d like to work on?

If you are looking to break into marketing, want to expand your portfolio or just starting your career, choose one of the brands below as an example for your course work.

Case study options

App (fashion)
Discover and access designer fashion at a fraction of retail price on By Rotation, the social fashion rental app.
B2C (Beauty)
E-commerce destination for discovery of beauty brands created by Black and Brown founders is reframing how Black and Brown brands are perceived.
App (sustainability)
Let's not waste our wonderful world. Join millions of neighbours all over the world who are using OLIO to share more, care more and waste less.
B2B/B2C (wellbeing)
Plumm is a global platform for accessible and affordable online mental wellbeing services offering online therapy sessions with certified practitioners.
B2B (software)
Innovative event ticketing for event organisers with booking fees for good
App & studio (fitness)
The ultimate at-home and studio boxing workouts. Boxx offers over 200 on-demand workouts to live in-studio to boost your good vibes.
B2C (health)
Nutrition that puts you in charge of your health. Developed using science, research, Ayurvedic practices