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It’s humble brag time! Let’s spread the love about what you accomplished 🎈

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When it comes to marketing , it’s all about sharing your journey as an individual, especially as a professional. We’d LOVE for you to share that you a student of Alt Marketing School on social media. Use the caption below as a guideline - and check our Canva templates for easy sharing!

Excited to receive my certificate from Alt Marketing School! I’m took this course because [XXX]. Stay tuned for more marketing insights.

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A few guiding questions to help you

  1. Why are you excited to join us?
  2. What are you most excited to learn?
  3. How are you going to use your knowledge to positively impact others?

Two ways to add badges to your website

1️⃣ Add the certified badge to your website with HTML

To add the certified badge to your website simply copy and paste the HTML code below

Certified yellow

Certified white

Strategist black

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2️⃣ Manually add the certified badge to your website

You can directly add your preferred image and link back to https://altmarketingschool.com/courses

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