Certification curriculum overview

About our certification

This is a page providing more information on the upcoming Alt Marketing School cohort. Please bear in mind, the order of the live sessions may slightly change based on cohort needs.

Headteacher: Fab Giovanetti

Duration: 8 weeks

Sessions: 6PM UTC, Tu/Th,

Sessions duration: Between 90 min and 2 hours

⏰ Time Commitment

Join us for 2 sessions each week. Need more support or feedback on your work? We have a community to support you for the whole duration of the course.

Aside from your workshops, you are looking at an extra 2/3 hours of work each week to complete assignments and watch (optional) extra materials.

🎓 Certificate criteria

To receive your certificate you’ll need to attend at least 75% of our live workshops and submit your draft of a marketing plan. If you miss multiple sessions, our coaches will check in with you offering options to directly connect to discuss your individual case.

🏆 Assignments

As part of the course, you'll be tasked with working on marketing projects. To obtain your certificate, you’ll be asked to submit your own draft of a marketing plan. This is a 10/12 page document that encompasses the building blocks of a strong marketing strategy. No brand? No problem - we'll provide you with a few case studies you can use instead.

🧠 Final Examination

The final examination will consist of you presenting your project to a small group and get targeted feedback from marketing experts and fellow students to consolidate everything you have learned throughout the course.

Curriculum breakdown

On-demand orientation: marketing fundamentals Explore the fundamentals of digital marketing - with a positive impact twist. Learn how to build purpose-driven relationships and embody a unique brand archetype across all of your marketing efforts.

Name of the exact workshops and sessions can be found in the syllabus calendar

Live workshop and group work modules
Digital leadership skills for marketers
Build your positive impact brand manifesto
Group work
Setting up marketing operating systems
Group work
Building relationship-driven marketing funnels
Content marketing systems and repurposing
User experience and SEO practices for marketers
Consumer psychology and personas
Group work
Planning and auditing social media efforts
Social media
Marketing panel: making marketing more accessible and inclusive
BYOC: Campaign review and analysis
Peer review
Hot seats
Copywriting and storytelling techniques
Setting up OKRs and quarterly reviews
Applying principles of community design
BYOC: Marketing frameworks
Peer review
Hot seats
Marketing panel: how to leverage AI in marketing
Graduation: present your marketing strategy
Group work

💬 Student experience

The certification provided me with a deeper understanding of marketing methods, with niche tactics to help my business stand out, lots of tools and things like automation to help someone like me with very little previous marketing knowledge or experience.

Dawn Morton-Young, Diverse leaders coach

Taking part in the course was absolutely brilliant. I've learned so much, from taking part in group work and activities we had to do. There's so much more marketing than ever thought possible - there is so much on offer in the world in terms of marketing, and it no longer needs to be a chore.

Marie Dryden,  Foundation Manager D&AD

Having attended the Alt Marketing 6 week course, and gained my certification we would highly recommend it - Fab and the other teachers are not only extremely knowledgeable, they created an environment in which the whole cohort really bonded. It's been a few weeks now and I am still really missing my weekly sessions! - Cat Wildman GEC Co-Founder

Ashley M.

Ashley works for a finance company, one of two people in the marketing Department. His boss sponsored his seat for our Winter 2022 cohort, and below you can read more about his experience.

I really liked the SEO part of the course. The first thing I did was look at our website. I needed to change everything because I had a certain perception of what needed to be done. And it clarified that I was on the right track. I could help to build the SEO for the company. So my boss was really impressed by that. You find out new things and you just implement them straight away. I've learned how to present my ideas better as well, which has come across really well for the company and my boss and my colleague who they see a real change in my confidence in what I can do and what I do know as well.

Kevin W.

Side-hustler experience

Charlotte S.

Small business owner experience

Sagina S.

Coach and small biz

Jess P.

Employee, looking for new opportunities